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The Greatness Guide: Born To Be GREAT

Good is the enemy of great. We are not born to be good; we are born to be great. There is something within us that is always prodding us to achieve greatness. We just didn’t only want to excel in studies at school, we wanted to be the most popular among our friends and a darling of our teachers. Greatness has nothing to do with talent or intellect or doing some grand thing. It is doing small things in a great way. Going by this theory, it is possible for everyone to achieve greatness.

The first step towards greatness is Identification.

Who we are ? We are not only the children of God but we are Gods itself. And we are in the company of Gods. It means that we are as powerful, omnipotent and omniscient as the God and neither inferior or superior to anybody. The moment we get on to the creative plane, leaving the competitive plane, getting rid of emotions like envy and jealousy we get on to the path of greatness.

The next step is Belief.

Believe that not only you but the world is a perfect place as it is supposed to be, at this time. It will become complete in time. The process is going on. We have come a long way from the times in the caves to the modern civilization with all its luxuries and comfort. The lacunae and the shortcomings will be corrected soon. The most common mistake that a person pursuing greatness does is, he goes around setting the world right. Vivekananda said, “The world is like a dog’s tail. You can not straighten it. You can only set yourself right.”

Realization is the next step.

You have to realize that you are God and you know the mind of the God. You can think his thoughts and take his actions. You have to be calm and composed in the gravest of situations and emergencies and take all actions boldly. Hurry and panic are not a part of your dictionary. We get to think the God’s thoughts when we are not afraid, we do not worry, doubt or have anxiety. Any time we are thinking these thoughts we get separated from the Divine power that is within us. It is not thinking such divine thoughts for a fixed time or for some time during the day but we have to think it continuously till it becomes our habit.

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We cannot become great just by thinking great thoughts but by taking great actions. We have to begin at home or at work and take every action in a great way. We have to be the most courteous, humble and compassionate person we know. We don’t have to announce that we are becoming great but our actions will speak for themselves. We have to remember that not only we are Gods but we are in the company of Gods. The same spirit of God that shines within us shines in everybody else.

Once we start doing small things in a great way, greater responsibility will come to you. More and more people will seek your advice and counsel. It will begin with your home and your work-place and spread on to your locality, community, city and country. People will be attracted to you because they will hear God’s voice in your words. When people will be gloomy and in despair, your words will give them hope and inspiration. When they will have problems, you will give them solutions. It will all come to you because you have become one with God.

When all this is happening check the tendency to feel superior to others. You are a God in the company of Gods, neither superior nor inferior to them. Resist the temptation of being called a Guru or a Master. A warning here: the moment you start feeling superior to others, all this will be snatched away from you till you regain your humility and you will have to start from scratch. Never try to coerce anybody mentally to follow your dictates. It is as good as coercing somebody physically. Keep the power of your mind to yourself and into the things you do. You can have a pleasant mental expectation of the outcome you want from that person but forget the idea of forcing him mentally.
The same is with God. If you want something have the clear picture of having it and thank God in advance for having it (Practice IVR). You can’t importune anybody let alone God. There is a Law of Least Attachment. Have a vision of what you want and let God or the Universe decide how it will be delivered to you and you being least attached to the outcome, having full faith that it will be in your favour. Bible says, “Faith as small as mustard seed moves mountain.” Have unshakable Faith and have infinite Patience.

The world has enough preachers. What people want is inspiration.

You are also not to become a preacher and try to correct people. The world has enough preachers. What people want is inspiration. The world needs inspiration, someone who knows the way, shows the way and goes the way. Do not tell them how to become great but show them how to achieve greatness. An ounce of proof is better than tons of preaching. A light-house doesn’t go out looking for boats to rescue, it stands there shining it’s light brilliantly. Be the light-house for the souls who want to come out from darkness into the light.

What does God want? God doesn’t want you to pray to him and chant hymns in his honour throughout the day. The greatest service you can render him is become the greatest version of yourself. Everyday try to be a bit better than yesterday, more wise, more compassionate, more humble. Even it is 1% improvement per day, in a 100 days you would be a 100% changed man. May you realize the God in you and help others in doing so.

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